01.01.2016 – 100 years Salus

1916 - 2016

Since 1916 Salus has been producing healthy drops, tonics and teas. Otto Greither, the 90-year old son of the founder, has been managing the company for 70 years and built up the leading medium-sized manufacturer of natural medicines in Germany.

The physician Dr. med. Otto Greither had been suffering from a severe illness for many years – until, with his knowledge as naturalist, he found his own way to heal himself. In 1916, his Salus cure was the foundation stone of a comprehensive healthy system based on the power of nature.

The managing directors Dr. Florian Block and Otto Greither in front of the bust of Dr. med. Otto Greither, the company founder, and his wife Thea.

Health and well-being from nature

The name Salus refers to the Roman goddess of health and public welfare – Dr. med. Otto Greither thought about the well-being of his fellow humans. This concept has not changed in the last 100 years of the company’s history: health comes first. Based on the power of nature Salus offers an extensive range of tonics, teas, drops and elixirs, containing only carefully selected medicinal plants and ingredients according to their effectiveness and digestibility.

After Dr. med. Otto Greither succeeded in healing himself, he started a migratory life as doctor and researcher, and also gave many lectures about it. The picture shows him with his wife, his son Otto and a family friend.

Successful family business

The founder’s son has been leading the company for 70 years: Otto Greither is proud of the fact that he built up an internationally successful business with high standards regarding environment protection, and he also considers it as responsibility to continue this way. Recently Dr. Florian Block, who is married to Otto Greither’s granddaughter Kathrin Greither-Block, joined the company to support him as managing director. Together with more than 300 employees they will celebrate the anniversary year and open the factory gates for the first time, for an open house day on 23 July 2016, for customers, neighbours, family and friends.

About Salus

With more than 300 employees and an annual sales volume of 100 million euros the Salus group is one of the market leaders in the German health food sector. As one of very few manufacturers of natural remedies in Europe, Salus covers the bigger part of the production process itself – from seeding and harvesting to manufacturing and filling. In doing so, Salus complies with the highest pharmaceutical quality standards for medicines and the organic quality standards for foods. The raw materials are mostly from certified organic cultivation. Salus completely renounces the use of preservatives and artificial or nature identical flavours. Since 1991 Salus also cultivates medicinal plants in Chile, as the water and air there are still free from harmful substances and the soil is not polluted by artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.

The Salus group is made up of three separate companies SALUS Haus, Schoenenberger and SALUS Pharma. All three companies have decades of experience in the field of natural remedies. Salus was founded back in 1916 in Munich by Dr. med. Otto Greither and has been successfully managed by the founder’s son, Otto Greither since 1945. Nowadays Salus products are exported in more than 60 countries all over the world. The most popular products of the Salus group are the liquid iron supplement Floradix as well as the Schoenenberger fresh plant juices. Since 1968 the company is based in Bruckmühl, Upper Bavaria.

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