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Since the foundation of the company in 1916, we have been concerned about mankind's health and well-being and so the conservation and respectful use of our environment is of high priority to us.
It is our objective to implement a process of continuous improvement to ensure that our products, their production and control are such that environmental pollution is prevented or minimised as far as possible.

To fulfil our ecological responsibility, we commit ourselves to follow the guidelines set out below:

  • 1.- We shall strive to obtain the highest possible proportion of residue-tested raw materials from organic sources, and to ensure that this proportion continues to grow, in order to promote farming in harmony with nature on a global basis.
  • 2.- Honest environmental protection can only be achieved by including and motivating all employees. We therefore want to educate and inform each member of staff so that they can actively participate in protecting the environment.
  • 3.- Problems have to be tackled at their roots in the area of environmental protection. For this reason, we test the environmental effects of each new product, each new process and each new activity beforehand.
  • 4.- The interaction between the company and our environment is constantly monitored, documented and analysed for weak spots, so that we can optimise our operating processes from an ecological viewpoint with all the means available to us.
  • 5.- We endeavour to work on continually improving environmental protection within the company, above and beyond the statutory requirements. We are therefore open to ideas and changes that will benefit environmental protection.
  • 6.- We ask all our employees to stand up for the improvement of the environmental protection within the company. Incoming suggestions for improvements will be implemented as far as possible.
  • 7.- We also ask our customers to adopt a critical attitude towards us and our products and to send us their suggestions for improvements.
  • 8.- We are constantly working on a practical level to reduce our consumption of raw materials, especially with regard to water, energy, packaging and transport.
  • 9.- We shall pay particular attention to the use of secondary materials (e.g. cleaning products, disinfectants and lubricants) that do the least possible damage to the environment and to disposing of these in an environmentally aware manner.
  • 10.- We shall give preference to suppliers and companies that give the same high priority to environmental protection as we do, and will involve them in our conservation activities.
  • 11.- By setting up an accident management system, we intend to avoid pollution of the environment caused by accidents and thus prevent any harm to people.
  • 12.- We shall systematically monitor the pursuit of the objectives that we have set and adjust these in the light of the latest available information.
  • 13.- We are prepared to enter into an open dialogue with the public about any possible environmental pollution caused by our company and would be pleased to include the relevant authorities in this.

"The earth does not belong to us. We have only borrowed it from our ancestors for our children to inherit." (Indian Wisdom)

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