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Salusan® N
(Herbal Rest)

Natural herbal preparation

To help you relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Salusan is an herbal supplement which helps you to cope with the demanding pace and pressures of modern life. It helps nerves to relax and thus encourages natural sleep. It contains 15 selected, health giving herbs to ease tension and fatigue away, including passionflower, valerian and balm.

What’s in it?

  • Passionflower – It is believed that the alkaloids and flavonoids of passionflower significantly calm the nerves and give one a feeling of well-being while aiding sleep. As a sedative, Passionflower has qualities unlike those of any other herb. It is very effective, with a pleasant taste, and yet surprisingly gentle.
  • Balm Leaf – Balm is an excellent carminative herb that relieves spasms in the digestive tract and is used in flatulent dyspepsia. Because of its mild anti-depressive properties, the gently sedative oils relieve tension and stress reactions.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary is a circulatory and nervine stimulant, which in addition to the toning and calming effect on the digestion is used where psychological tension is present.
  • Valerian – As one of the best gentle and harmless herbal sleeping remedies, it enhances the natural body process of slipping into sleep and making the stress of the day recede.
    (gehört das hierher? Für Beschreibung der Pflanze sehr viel, evtl. weiter unten als extra Absatz?! -->>> For people who do not need as much sleep as they once did, it also eases lying awake in bed, ensuring that it becomes a restful and relaxing experience. This is often as re-vivifying as sleep itself.
    The true nature of sleep still remains a mystery. Everybody goes through stages of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, a stage where dreaming is associated with minor involuntary muscle jerks and rapid eye movements, indicating that active processes are occurring in the brain. It is important not to suppress the dreams dreamed during this stage. Emotional experiences are processed by the mind in those dreams, and much arising from both the unconscious and daily life is balanced and harmonised. Whilst sleeping pills have a marked impact on REM, Valerian does not interfere with this process as it is not powerful enough to suppress these necessary REM phases. Valerian root products produce a clear increase in performance coupled with moderate sedation.)
  • Hops – Hops is a remedy that has a marked relaxing effect upon the nerves. It is used extensively for the treatment of insomnia. It will ease tension, and may be used where this tension leads to restlessness, headache and possibly indigestion.


Never has there been a greater need than today for a non-addicting aid to help people cope with the pressures of everyday life. Salusan is a liquid preparation of 18 medicinal herbs that feed the nerves, relaxes and calms quickly. When you feel run-down with fatigue, irritability or lack of interest, you can help build yourself up with Salusan.

  • Taken in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and regular sleep, Salusan will effectively relieve nervous tension.
  • Some possible signs of nervous tension and built-up stress that may be helped: Clenched hands, muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back, restlessness and irritability.
  • You will wake feeling well-rested and you will have normal dream-filled sleep.
  • Valerian root, bitter orange and rosemary strengthen the nerves.
  • Hops, Passion flower and Balm have mild sedative effects.
  • Strengthens the function of the heart and circulation.


Salusan is nature's way to relaxation and sound sleep. It is pleasant to take and soothing for nervous or overworked people, and it can play an important role in convalescence. Salusan encourages physical and mental well-being. It contains no addictive drugs, no synthetic additives and no preservatives.

  • Alcohol-free formula (“Herbal Rest”)
  • Salusan is non-habit forming and easy on the body.
  • Sweetened with honey & natural fruit concentrates.
  • Contains no chemical additives, or preservatives.
  • Helpful for individuals dealing with substance abuse.

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